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Dream World
So many dreams I saw strewn along my way
In stones that littered paths I walked that day
In voices raised in harmony
Above compressors call

Excerpt from; "Dream World"
©1997Patty McPhee

Stone Garden Sculptures

Bringing art into the garden is my idea of heaven. A stone sculptural can add that touch of textural change that every garden needs. The garden is the place where a bit of unexpected whimsy can uplift the spirit. On the other hand a powerful piece can take a garden to the next level. On this page are pieces that are capable of withstanding the vagaries of nature with minimum upkeep or damage.

The Owl - $350
This small barn owl perches on the Kansas Limestone fence post from which she was carved. Hunkered down as if in a cold prairie wind she watches over the fields and forests. This piece is perfectly at home in the garden requiring only an annual sealant to keep her crisp and white.
Size: 18X5X5

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The Seeker - $995
Standing like a monolith this natural Tenino sandstone sculpture carries a pale pink fossil like a heart beating under the surface. She stands Madonna-like, smooth and yet, chipped along the edges from years of longing. The base is Cascade granite. This piece is hardy enough for a garden, needing only the occasional cleaning and annual sealant.
Moonrise Over Old Gate - $1500
The new moon only needed to be released from the Basalt to glow darkly over the stone mountains that rest on a Japanese inspired gate of treated wood and bamboo
Size: 24X10X42

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Moonshell - $1295
Inspired by the moon snail shells found on the beaches of Puget Sound, this passive water feature is created from Indiana limestone and Featherstone. The rainwater is directed by the carving to fill the bowl of the shell and then spill out onto the feather stone base. This is a wonderful garden piece that needs only an annual cleaning and sealant.
Size: 28X18X16
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