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Excerpt from; "My Work"
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Stone Sculpture ~ Flowers

I love the dichotomy of stone flowers, the fragile flowers recreated in a sturdy material like stone, giving a message of hope and permanence in a world that is constantly changing. Gardening is joyous time for me. I love to tend the glorious gifts of the earth. I like bringing a little of that into my art. My hope is that you can experience the same joy that I had as I carved these lush, evocative forms, trying to capture the thrusting, pulse of Nature.
Dogwood in Bloom - $800
Italian Alabaster is carved into the full bloom of the dogwood. The blossom rises from the deep, almost green/black of Canadian Chlorite. The center of the bloom is an inlay of a river pebble. The light glows through the stone when it is lit from below.

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Calla Lilly and Beach Stones - $495

Size: 15"X5"X4"
Pink Calla Lilly - $495
This elegant sweep of Pink Soapstone is mounted on a base of Northwest Basalt
Size: 8X3X13

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Raspberry Lilly - $350 4X4X9
This lush lily is created of raspberry Alabaster and sits on a base of India Granite
Size: 4X4X9
Spring Shoot - $195
Like the first shoots of the seasons this Green Soapstone abstract burst out of an India Granite Cobble
Size: 3X3X8

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Patty McPhee

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