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Pas Deux....
Friendship is the pas de deux of life
Together then apart
In and out
Weaving that intricate pattern
That is life
That is friendship

Excerpt from; "Pas Deux"
©1997Patty McPhee

Clay Sculptures

Clay was the first medium that Patty used when she was introduced to sculpture. Clay is an additive material and so is very forgiving in some ways. Working in clay is still a passion of hers and she returns to it often, using it to work out problems that sometimes arise in a stone piece. When she is working with a model clay is her choice as she can work quickly and capture the moment more easily. She often uses the small pieces she creates that way in unusual ways, incorporating them into larger mixed media works.

There are several larger pieces shown on this page. These life size torsos were created from coils and slabs of clay that were laid on layer by layer. There was often a week between each session with the piece rising slowly, inch by inch. The end results are large, hollow torsos that can be easily moved. These are high fired and can be left outside in most climates. It is recommended that they be brought in during the winter.

Lannie - $65
Small ceramic head framed in a shelf like box that hangs or sits on a surface. The clay is a Pacific Northwest body and the finish is done by burnishing the surface and then rubbing in a cordovan shoe polish.

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Torso Study - $45
Small ceramic torso study mounted on a walnut bowl. The ceramic is finish using a clear wax.
Clearcut Contemplation - $500
A life size torso created using slabs and coils of clay over a period of several weeks. Worked directly from a model this piece reminds one that beauty will emerge even from devastation. This was being created in commemoration of the Mt St. Helens eruption. The finish is created using acrylics.

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Stormcloud #2 - $350
This life size clay coil and slab torso has been glazed inside to allow you to use it as an umbrella stand. Created using slabs and coils of clay over a period of several weeks, it was worked directly from a model. The walls of this piece are fairly thick and sturdy. The outer surface is polychrome using acrylics.
Inner Visions - $495
Made of clay this life size coil and slab female torso has openings that allow us to view her inner world including the masks she keeps to shield her private self from prying eyes. Like the henna tattoos of India her surface is covered with life symbols.

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Torso Fragment $325
This is a fragment from a larger ceramic piece which broke during the drying period. As the artist was sweeping up the remains this fragment appeared to be flying free from the wreckage. It is pinned to a piece of maple and is wall-hung.
Wood Nymph - $355
The model for this work was a friend who sat in when the regular model did not show. This piece was created for a 1 woman show entitled Expressions in Hand. I had asked her to take a pose that would be a natural way for her to have her hands near her face. We were laughing back and forth and that shows in the look in her face a knowing yet teasing look as if she knew the universe.

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"Grief" - $195
This is the initial piece in the Grief series It was created shortly after my Sister and Father died 5 weeks apart. This series helped me work through my pain by acknowledging the process common to all humans. There is no base for this piece, intentionally, to symbolize the isolation we feel in the beginning stage of grieving. Patty
"Grief #2 Mourning" - $150
  Clay in a turned wood bowl.

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"Grief #3 Acceptance" - $150
   Clay in a turned wood bowl
The Clay Rattles are inspired by the many native cultures that use them as spiritual tools and musical instruments as well as items to entertain children. Patty’s rattles are small whimsical pieces and caricatures of animals and people. Sometimes they are small versions of ideas she is working on in stone or larger clay pieces.
Cat - $35

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Sleeping Monk - $35
To purchase any of the Clay Scluptures on this page or to request a commissioned piece
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