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Can You Dance
I wish to dance.
I do not care that others may not wish to participate.
I will express the joy that resides in my soul
With all of my body.
I will dance because I can!
You can, too.

Excerpt from; "Can You Dance"
©1997Patty McPhee

Castings in Stone, Clay and Paper

Cast Stone Sculpture- Each of these art-works is first created in stone or clay. Molds are then made and these winsome animals or tumbling babies are cast in hydra stone for lasting beauty and durability. Each sculpture is unique and one of a kind. The colors are created using natural pigments in swirling marble like patterns. After being pulled from the mold each piece is finished by hand and polished so that they can be handled without ill effects. If you have a color preference contact me for your unique one of a kind piece of art.

Comfort Creatures have been created to ease your troubles. Just give your concern to them and rub it into their back with your thumb. Then feel the tensions of the day ease away.

Baby Ball - $25
This cast stone baby has found its toe and is equally happy in any position
Size: 3X3
click for larger photo
click for larger photo
The Frog - $15
The original Comfort Creature (the frog) was created for my sister as she battled breast cancer. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the frogs will go to Breast Cancer research.
The Rabbit - $15
Created as companion pieces.

click for larger photo

click for larger photo
The Turtle - $15
Created as companion pieces.
Cast Dolphin - $50
Here is a dolphin rising out of a foam,
on a 6"x6" glass base

click for larger photo
Comfort Creatures and the Baby Ball make nice unique hand crafted gifts,
and can be made in the color of your choice.
They may be purchased singly or in multiples for all of your gift giving,
an easy gift to keep on hand to say you care or when that special someone needs a little lift.
To purchase contact Patty McPhee by email or phone.

Patty McPhee
Email plmcpheearts@gmail.com
Phone: 206-919-4938
Tacoma Washington
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