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........ Cherish each the other
Revere the path that has been taken
Honor the path that is to come
Respect the changes
Accept the past
Carry forward lives and
Learning of the last.......

Excerpt from; "Generations"
©2003Patty McPhee


Jewelry is a way to create in a smaller format. On the cold and rainy days of Pacific Northwest winters I can still enjoy the handling of stones and the play of texture and color that goes into the jewelry making process. It is fun to bring divergent materials together into a cohesive whole. I love taking a single stone or bead and then creating a unique piece of wearable art. (It also allows me to collect bits and pieces that I find attractive without taking up so much room.)

Any of the necklaces can have earrings made to create a set. Although I do not duplicate any design, I will create similar and yet unique pieces to order.
Turquoise and Carnelian choker
Price - $30

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Black and Red glass pendant
Price - $50 set
Blue Jasper and Hand Carved Chinese Bead
Price - $45

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Leather lariat with Shell and Carnelian
Price - $40 set
Blue Opal with copper and silver
Price - $65 set

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Twisted blues
Price - $45
Oriental glazed beads in greens and peach
Price - $55 set

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PMC silver frog medallion necklace
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A PMC silver frog medallion hangs from a double strand of iridescent blue beads.
Price - $45
Wood Beads accent Turquoise pendant and beads creating earthy drama.
Price - $40
Wood Beads and Turquoise pendant
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wire wrapped enameled disk, pearls and laboradite
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A wire wrapped enameled disk is accented with pearls and laboradite faceted beads.
Price - $65 for set
Carnelian and Black Jade drop from a silver chain.
Price - $55
Carnelian and Black Jade necklace
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To purchase your one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry
contact Patty McPhee by email or phone.

Patty McPhee

Email plmcpheearts@gmail.com
Phone: 206-919-4938
Tacoma Washington
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