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I Am Enough
....... I am all that I need
I have within
The strength to save me
I am enough

Excerpt from; "I Am Enough"
©1997Patty McPhee
P.L. (Patty) McPhee was born in Seattle, WA. in 1948. She has traveled widely throughout the USA, Bahamas Is. and Mexico. She has had one-person shows at galleries in Kirkland, Everett and Seattle including the Parklane Gallery, Kirkland and A Work in Progress Gallery in Seattle and the Arts Council of Snohomish County Gallery, Everett.

Her credits include:
Work featured in several group shows through out the Northwest including Sculpture 98, Seattle; The Flower and Garden Show, Seattle organized by the Washington State Convention Center; The Enk Gallery, Bellevue; The Sunburst Galleries of Chelan and Wenatchee; Interior Art and Frame, Kirkland as well as short exhibitions along the East Coast Seaboard.

She has received several awards for sculpture at the Western Washington State Fair, The Edmonds Art Fair and EAFA Annual Juried Show as well as other shows around the Northwest.

She has been the coordinator for several large exhibitions, which include the Eastside Association of Fine Art Annual Juried Show and the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association’s exhibit for the visually impaired.

Ms McPhee's training includes attended The University of Washington, as well as studying under several artists: Professor Everett DuPen, Dudley Carter wood carver, Janet Brown and Ward Lynch sculptors. She has also attended many workshops and symposiums give by the NWSSA.

The professional associations Ms McPhee has belonged to include NWSSA where she has served on the BOD, EAFA where she served as Vice President, ParkLane Gallery where she was President and A Work In Progress where she was the Manager.

Ms McPhee now resides and works in Tacoma WA. She keeps gallery space in her home as well as being seen in local shows throughout the Northwest. Visits to her studio can be arraigned by contacting her directly.

General Background:
“I was born and raised in West Seattle WA. I have lived in Kirkland WA. I also lived for 5 years on the East Coast cruising aboard the sailing vessel Manx with my husband, Bob Hays. Bob was a firefighter for 26 years and is now licensed boat captain, teaching others how to get their licenses.

I have always drawn, when I was 11 or 12 my aunt, who lived in an apartment in our home, had painting lessons at home and I sat in on them. I painted until sculpture came into my life by way of a sculpture life model class at the Kirkland Arts Center. Janet Brown who instructed the class introduced me to clay. I worked with Janet for 4 years. Later I studied under Dudley Carter, wood sculptor whose work is seen through out the USA and Canada, and Everett DuPen, former head of the U of W School of Sculpture. Then found my passion working in stone at a symposium is put on by the NWSSA. I now work in stone and clay and create paper reliefs from my clay work. Recently I have begun making molds of some of my work and casting Dry Stone pieces.

My work is available in galleries and at my annual open studio days. I also write poetry, which I have used in conjunction with my sculptures and am in the process of creating a book.

My goal is to express the emotional impact of life, to capture a moment of light and shadow, emotion and movement in a solid form. As I work from my inner self to the outer realities trying to capture its essence, I want the viewer/reader to be aware of their own feelings and to become personally involved”
PL McPhee

To Contact Patty McPhee
Email plmcpheearts@gmail.com
Phone: 206-919-4938
Tacoma Washington
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